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iStock 000063808059 SmallHealth organizations looking for Telehealth video conferencing software with the following capabilities choose Secure Telehealth

1. Best quality available on commodity equipment (PC, MAC, and Mobile devices). 

2. Industry leader for eight years with customers in all 50 states.

3. Robust back-end support including 46 servers in four geographically dispersed data centers in the U.S for redundancy.

4. Simplest software user interface in the industry.

5. Virtual Waiting room allows providers to see and admit the next desired participant.

6. Security  - We understand and comply with all HIPAA requirements including high-level encryption and the Business Associate Agreement.  As a bonus, there is no patient information entered into Secure Telehealth software.

7. We understand telehealth insurance requirements in all 50 states.  

8. Our software is "A la carte" and not integrated with other health care functions.

9. Our Help desk is available directly to all endpoints (no additional charge) and will respond to your request immediately. 

10. Portable solution accessible from anywhere a laptop or iPad is connected to the Internet.

11. There is no contract term, service is month-to-month.

All of these capabilities are available for only $300 per month. Price includes setup help, training and support for all endpoints inside or outside your organization.  

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"We have been very impressed with both the telemedicine platform and customer service provided by Secure Telehealth. The software is extremely user-friendly, is easy to navigate, and the quality is by far the best that we have seen compared to other services. The team at Secure Telehealth always responds promptly with helpful answers whenever we have questions about the platform. Secure Telehealth is extremely easy to use and literally takes only a few minutes to install and set up for each user."

-Kathryn Merrion, B.S. Research Assistant Synergy Outpatient Services 1212 S. Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80210 ARTS UCD

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