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Telemedicine is used by urgent care providers to extend their services into rural areas.

Inexpensive Telemedicine is made possible by Secure Telehealth's web-based, HIPAA-compliant software.  Our software is used to connect your primary care physicians and specialists to rural clinics via video conferencing.  PC's and webcams and broadband Internet connections are used to connect physicians with patients who are attended by nurses or EMT's at the other end.  Our software uses cloud computing, so there is no expensive hardware for you to buy.

You may install our software on any number of computers.  

Users may be located anywhere without compromising security.  Our encryption does not depend on any outside device.  It is built-in to our software and cannot be turned off or defeated.

Meetings are accessible on-demand.  They do not need to be scheduled ahead of time.
Sessions may be conducted with up to 3 participants (an option allows up to 10 participants).
Each user should use a headset or Phoenix Duet microphone to eliminate echo.

A low monthly fee includes unlimited support + training provided directly to each endpoint.  That means your physicians will not have to debug computer issues. 
Additional Optional Cost Components: Our software runs very well on the Built in Cameras, Speakers and Microphones in modern equipment, but certain groups may benefit from on or more of these products.  

Logitech C920 Webcam - $50 here at amazon.com 

Phoenix Duet Microphone - $120 here at  amazon.com
We recommend that some providers purchase a second Internet connection dedicated to the video conferencing computer (Cost – approx $60/month)

Firewall changes are not required.  Private T-1 networks are not required.  Expensive video conferencing hardware, routers, and bridges are not required.
Webcams and speakerphones are required at each endpoint.  Existing Windows PC’s or laptops may be used as long as they have minimum 2.8 Ghz processors and 2 gig ram.
One Meeting Room - Multiple Facilities:
One Secure Telehealth meeting room may be used serially in any number of facilities and shared by multiple providers as long as providers adhere to a master call schedule to avoid double-booking of the meeting room.  Physicians may present from their homes, offices, or clinics.  Patients may be seen in any number of facilities.  Each facility needs a Windows PC with a webcam and microphone and a good broadband internet connection.
Multiple Meeting Rooms - Multiple Facilities:
Multiple Secure Telehealth meeting rooms may be used concurrently in any number of facilities and shared by multiple on-call providers as long as providers adhere to a master schedule to avoid double-booking.  Additional meeting rooms are needed only when additional concurrent sessions are required.  Meeting rooms may be scheduled as a conference room would be scheduled in Microsoft Outlook or other calendar program.
Optional Second Internet Connection for Bandwidth:
Secure Telehealth requires 750kb/sec upload and download Internet Connection speed.  This is not a high number; it is available on just about every residential broadband offering.   The bad news is; we don’t share with others very well.  Our quality is reduced if too many other users are sharing the Internet connection we are using.  One solution is to purchase a second Internet connection dedicated to video conferencing.  Cost for this option is approximately $60 per month.  

HIPAA - Secure Telehealth signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements with our customers to allow us to provide user support during sessions if necessary.   Protected health information is always safeguarded via AES-128 encryption.

Insurance Reimbursement:  Please call us or email us to discuss the reimbursement situation for your location and type of practice.

Contact:  Jim Mountain    412 837-9320

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