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Hospital Emergency Departments use Secure Telehealth's online video conferencing service to connect to on-call staff Psychiatrists in their homes or professional offices. 


The physician conducts an assessment/evaluation by interviewing the patient remotely.

The physician determines whether to admit or discharge the patient based on medical factors as well as the interview/assessment results.

Patients benefit by reduced waiting time in the ER.  No longer do mental health patients need to wait in the ER waiting room for the behavioral health specialist to arrive. 


 Secure Telehealth provides the software as a service via cloud computing for $300/month.  You provide the   Docs.

Secure Telehealth provides training and (24x7) tech support to all endpoints, whether inside or outside the hospital (included in the monthly fee).

Interviews are encrypted at the highest level by our software.   Confidentiality is assured even if the physician is presenting from a home network.


Article:  "Telepsychiatry in the Emergency Department" from the California Health Care Foundation (Download here)

Abstract:  "Patients who present in the emergency department (ED) with mental health issues often encounter long delays before being evaluated and admitted, transferred, or discharged. Arranging appropriate evaluation for these patients often disproportionately affects the operation of the ED, particularly in terms of space and staffing.

Some hospitals are using telemedicine to help evaluate ED patients. This report examines seven ED telepsychiatry programs in terms of their operational structure, financial support, and the challenges they have encountered. It also looks at the potential value that telepsychiatry could bring to the efficient operation of the ED and improved patient care.

The issues discussed include:

  • Technology and infrastructure;
  • Financial support;
  • Federal and California regulatory issues;
  • Licensing requirements;
  • Accreditation standards; and
  • Reimbursement related to Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers.

The complete report is available for download here.


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