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New Federal law allowing telemedicine prescribing of Controlled Substances was signed by the President of the United States on October 24, 2018.

Special Registration to allow prescribing of controlled substances via telemedicine without the need for an in-person examiniation and without the need for the patient to be physically present in a hospital or other DEA-registered clinic. This would allow people afflicted with Substance Abuse Disorder to get access to Suboxone or other Medication Assisted Treatments.  

The President of the United States signed the Support for Patients and Communities Act. According to Mobi Health News, "The latest legislation expands opioid-specific telemedicine services... Further down in the bill, the telemedicine portion spelled out that states will be able to seek federal reimbursement under Medicaid for telemedicine services of substance abuse disorders including medication-assisted treatment, counseling, medication management and medication adherence."

This is exciting, barriers to access are being removed and people's lives can be changed and lives can be saved.  For many people affected by this disorder, they have obstacles to overcome just to be able to be seen by a Doctor.  At Secure Telehealth we want to help as many people as possible get access to the life changing care that is available to them through Suboxone or another Medication Assisted Treatment of their Substance Abuse Disorder.  Please give us a call or contact us with any questions that you may have.  


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